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Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases now with Touch Display

Introducing Next Generation Massflow

Touch Technology

AA Battery Powered

Micro-USB Port

red-y compact series
Battery Powered Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases
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Speed up
your Measuring &
Control Tasks!

red-y smart series
High-precision Mass Flow Meters
and Controllers for Gases

Access your flow devices
with a mouse click!

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ready for

red-y industrial series
Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers
for rough environments

Rotameter vs. Mass Flow Meter?

The User determines the Device

Digital Mass Flow Meters for Gases with Touch Display

Newly added value!

Firmware update red-y compact 2 series

We have the pleasure to announce the release of a new firmware version for the red-y compact 2 series which adds new advanced features to our digital mass flow meters. The firmware version 3.0.3 is available free of charge and applicable to all compact 2 devices (SN > 300000).

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Next generation massflow

Vogtlin presents digital mass flow meters with touch technology

The red-y compact series mass flow meters are characterized by powerful technology, intelligent functions and innovative design.
The 2015 generation instrument offers a new level of ease of use: compact design with battery power and backlit touch display for great flexibility.

» red-y compact series

Digital mass flow controller for gases with nema6 and atex rating

High accuracy for heavy duties

Mass Flow Meter (MFM) & Mass Flow Controller (MFC) with NEMA6 & Ex Protection

We are pleased to introduce the new thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases of the red-y industrial series.

Our proven measurement and control devices are now available with IP67/NEMA 6 and EX protection (zone 2). The devices can be connected via cable gland or M12 plug and are also available with optional Profibus interface. The device specifications correspond to those of the red-y smart series.

» red-y industrial series

Manage your Mass Flow Controller with a Mouse Click
Device Management made easy

Access your Mass Flow Meters & Controllers with a Mouse Click

With the free get red-y software from Vogtlin, users now have PC access to all connected Vogtlin measuring and control devices. Beside displaying key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.

Thanks to intelligent device monitoring, the software is a perfect service and analysis tool, e.g. to check and adjust settings.

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Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Conrollers with Built-in Display
Smart Instrument with Smart Display

Our proven Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers now with integrated Display 

Innovative technology, high accuracy and maximum reliability are the trademarks of our thermal mass flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series. With over 30,000 units sold since the market launch, the devices write an impressive success story.

Another milestone in the development of the smart product range is the display option: Our flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series are available with an integrated display.

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Variable area flowmeter or digital mass flow meter?

Rotameter or Mass Flow Meter?

Variable Area Flowmeter or high-precision Mass Flow Meter: The User determines the Device

Certain applications require measurement accuracy, with respect to pressure and temperature independence, which cannot be achieved with conventional variable area flowmeters. This is where the red-y compact thermal mass flow meters from Vogtlin come into their own. Alongside the advantages of the variable area flowmeters, the devices offer extremely precise and rapid measurement with digital CMOS sensors. Thanks to battery power the devices run independent of mains electricity.

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